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“​Our striping specialists will see to it that the size of your parking space gets properly measured to fit as many vehicles ideally as needed.”

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If you’re a commercial property owner, part of your responsibility is making sure that your parking lot doesn’t just look good but that it's safely maintained too. Luckily, for all your asphalt striping Redmond Oregon repair and maintenance needs our specialists at Redmond Asphalt Paving will be more than happy to help you.

When in need of Redmond parking lot striping for your paving maintenance needs, we are the best contractor there is, we have been in the business for years and can offer assistance from specialists who have been effectively trained and extensively exposed to a variety of striping and other paving maintenance tasks in the past.

It is to your best interest to get the striping done as soon as possible. For this you can expect the following benefits:

Improve parking
Every parking space needs to be designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles with a variety of sizes. Whether it is SUVs or sedans, you need your parking space designed right to successfully accommodate these different units. Our striping specialists will see to it that the size of your parking space gets properly measured to fit as many vehicles ideally as needed.

Prevent dings on car doors
Perhaps one of the most important reasons you need your parking space properly striped to ensure that specific spaces are marked where vehicles should position while avoiding hitting nearby vehicle doors when opening or closing the car door. Striping your parking space ensures that drivers won’t end up parking way too close to each other. Paring chaos will be considerably avoided too when there are proper markings on your sparking lot.

Better overall safety
Being a commercial property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your parking lot will offer a safe space for both drivers and pedestrians alike. Remember that this is your property. So, anything that might happen within the setting is going to be your responsibility. You will be held liable for any accidents and injuries that may result due to the poor parking condition present. Getting the striping done right by the right contractors will help prevent this from happening.

Increased curb appeal
Striping done right can do wonders to the overall appeal of your curb. You want to run a good business and part of that is making sure that you get your parking space to not only be practically functional but aesthetically appealing too. People will be generally more inclined to park on your space when they can see that it is well-maintained and it is safe.

For your striping needs, choose Redmond Asphalt Paving.

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